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I'm "dark and twisty". Or in other words i have problems trusting people, even myself.
I have a genetic disabilities ; I have Endometriosis, Ehlers Danlos, and Osteoarthritis(from my EDS), and also disordered eating. I've had 17 surgeries in my 21 years.
I deal with chronic pain, and my blog is a way for me to deal with that. I love my fandoms. My ships are : Mcswarek(Rookie blue) Dean/Jo(Supernatural)Linstead(Chicago PD)Caskett (Castle) Japril(Grey's Anatomy) .

If you don't like what i do or say, get da fuck off my blog. Kisses.



barely passing a class like


I feel this in my spirit

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Anonymous: u do hookah?


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I hate that i’m running out of pain medicine. I hate that people who fake things get pain meds easier than me, someone who actually needs it. I hate when people say it could be worse. I hate when i have to suffer, and go without for days, even when my pain is really bad, because i have to save it for the excruciating days. I hate that anyone able bodied who dislocated would be in the er, on pain meds. I hate being sick. I hate that people glamorize pain pills. I hate that people glamorize illnesses and disabilities. I hate that i didn’t ask for this. I hate it. 



It’s bizarre that some people seem to have this incredibly misinformed attitude that it must be easy to have a chronic illness because you don’t ‘have’ to work or study and you ‘get’ to stay at home all day, when I think most chronic illness sufferers would give almost anything to be able to have some semblance of a job.

Trust me, lying in your bed watching movies (because you are in too much pain to do anything else) gets old after only a few days.